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Fotabe University of Cameroon Offers Full Scholarships to IDPs

FUNIC is a university that serves its communities. We believe that everyone has a right to a good education even Internally Displaced Persons.

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A place for IDPS to learn and grow together

Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) need more than donations of food, and daily provisions to cope with the devastating effects of the crises affecting the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. They need to be empowered with a professional education that will remove them from the shackles of poverty and enable them to support other family members back home by making them employable, providing them skills that can help them start and grow businesses, and placing them on Jobs.

FUNIC is the only University that provides this kind of education, but IDPs can unfortunately not afford education like this one because they do not have the means.
Hence, as part of the Humanitarian efforts of the Fotabe University of Cameroon and its commitment its communities, FUNIC is offering full scholarships to several IPDs to help cover thier learning expenses.

Why IDPs Should Reach Out to FUNIC!

Work & Study

IDPs are placed to work or do business while they study, to make money to help them carter for their personal and other needs

Become Real Entrepreneurs

IDPs can receive minimum capital to start and grow lucrative and innovative businesses

Internship Placement

Internship and other work placement options are guaranteed for IDPs, to help them acquire practical skills

International Internships

IDPs with outstanding performance may be placed to do internships or work abroad.

moTor Learning

Helps our young learners to experience the uniqueness of the Bamileke business model not taught in classrooms.

Financial Aid

Receive a full scholarship that covers the entire tuition to study a range of programs at FUNIC.

"I am indeed grateful to FUNIC. They gave me more than just a scholarship. They gave me education that is relevant to the world."

Tensto Sonita

Ship Shandler and Logistics Officer - Blue Ray Marine Douala

  • Bilingual HND in Ports and Shipping Management
  • Bilingual HND in Logistics and Transport Management
  • Bilingual HND in Marketing-Trade-Sales
  • Bilingual HND in Accountancy
  • Bilingual HND in Human Resource Management
  • Bilingual HND in Banking and Finance
  • Bilingual HND in Corporate Communication

Programs on Scholarship

Scholarship opportunities are open for the Bilingual HND programs indicated. Feel free to choose one and apply right away

“At FUNIC we had vibrant young lecturers who helped us braced the challenges of studying and working.”


Mboge Velda

Hotel Receptionist Administrative Assistant - Douala HND 2018 Alumni

“I posses all the relevant skills needed to get entry-level job’s in Cameroon. I am forever grateful to the Fotabe University of Cameroon”


Njang Courage

Inventory and Sales Assistant Ozone International - Douala HND 2022 Alumni

IDPs deserve to shine.

Apply for a 100% Scholarship before September 30th, 2022.