FUNIC Student Loans


FUNIC Student Loans

Education is the driving force behind innovation and economic development and Student Loans have been the machinery behind educating people who have driven development in successful countries. Student Loans offered by FUNIC will fight poverty, educate more people, bring innovation through quality higher education, drive the so much needed increase in living standards in Cameroon and Africa.

What is the FUNIC Student Loan

FUNIC is a community-university providing an affordable, world-class education for Cameroonians of all social backgrounds. Even with our affordable tuition, many cannot afford the quality education our programs provide.

The student loan at FUNIC permits a student to have their tuition paid upfront by a Financial institution, while they repay the said amount to the Financial Institution in very small and convenient installments over an acceptable duration of time. A solution like this makes it possible for anyone to have quality education from FUNIC at their fingertips, as well as all the opportunities that come with it.

How does it work?

Through the study loan, a financial partner of FUNIC pays complete tuition on behalf of a student and then proceeds to recover the tuition amount from the student (or their guardian). 

Do you wish to benefit from the study loan plan? Then you'd have to meet the following conditions:

1. You or your guardian should Have a regular source of income (It does not matter how small).

2. Must be a registered student of FUNIC Cameroon.

3. Have a savings account with a designated Financial Partner of FUNIC.

4. Fill the application for a student loan provided by FUNIC.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from the student loan offered by FUNIC. It can be used to finance a student's education for all programs at FUNIC ranging from the Professional diploma programs, HND programs, Top-Up degree programs, MBA/Masters to DBA programs.

How to start?

Contact an admissions specialist at FUNIC. They are eager to provide you step-by-step assistance on your application and answer all your questions. Reach us by:

Tel/Whats: +237 675102650