Become a FUNIC Cameroon Ambassador


Become a FUNIC Cameroon Ambassador

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FUNIC Cameroon's Ambassador program is an innovative approach to ensuring that we build a large network of people from around the world who share our core values, in order to open up numerous opportunities for our students and alumni.

Our ambassadors are men and women who share their experience, time, expertise, and resources with our students and alumni, as a means of supporting them to achieve their dreams.

Our ambassadors are seasoned Entrepreneurs, Community leaders with a passion to develop their communities, lawyers, Engineers, Politicians who advocate for a better Cameroon and Africa, Media men and women who contribute to building a positive image of Cameroon's education and Business landscape, and just anyone who reflects our core values.

Do you wish to become a FUNIC Cameroon Ambassador? We will be delighted to have you.

Please send us a brief email at and we will contact you for a chat.