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Make your startup investor-ready with FUNIC DEEP Startup challenge.

Our 2021 continental startup challenge will bring startups together in the beautiful Western Region of Cameroon to learn, network, make business happen and receive funding.

All across Africa, there are serious challenges. Africans need to figure out workable solutions to these challenges. Many young Africans are passionate about solving these issues and create many innovative solutions that sometimes need just a little polishing and financial push to explode and make a huge difference.


Oftentimes, these solutions are overlooked and thus, fail to grow, blossom and create the much-needed impact.

Among the top 10 reasons why most startups fail are: products not meeting any real market need, startups running out of cash, and not having the right team.

How can startups in Africa develop more go-to-market strategies that will make them investor-ready and puff-out?
FUNIC DEEP challenge is the answer!
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FUNIC DEEP is FUNIC's continental startup accelerator and funding program aimed at powering startups with go-to-market solutions and funding.

How we do it:

In order to provide support and funding adapted to various startup needs, we travel across Africa, identify startups, provide them a solid training, coaching and mentorship foundation, then we fund the most outstanding!
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What we do:

Africa has extraordinary young people with incredible startup ideas. But in every country, we can only fund the best startup! Yet, all participating startups will be made ready for investors.

  1. Competition: Startups have the opportunity to of getting funding plus all other benefits by entering the national competition. Startups submit a 15-slide proposal deck.
  2. National Meetup: 100 promising startups are selected to meet in a beautiful environment to network with other startups, receive a one-week intensive coaching to fine-tune their proposals.
  3. Challenge: Startups: Startups present the Business Models to a Pan African Jury and potential investors, Live on Television and on Social Media.
  4. Training and Mentoring: Selected startups enter an intensive Global MBA program together with their teams, and receive mentorship from celebrated African Entrepreneurs.
  5. Funding: Selected startups receive funding of up to ten thousand dollars!

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Applicants must:

  1. Be a startup founder doing business in Africa

Educational Requirements:

The startup founder and all team members are required to have at least an undergraduate degree in any field.


Application Process:

Fill and submit the online application form.

Fees and Payments:

The application fee is 100,000XAF/Startup