Bilingual HND in Legal Careers


Bilingual HND in Legal Careers

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The Bilingual HND in Legal Career is a three-year professional program supervised by Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education which focuses on training legal assistants.

The program prepares students to sit for the state-supervised Higher National Diploma exams, which is a professional qualification leading to the Bachelor of Technology and MBA. In the third and Final year of the Bilingual HND program, students follow a work study program that allows them to work for 12 months full time, while they study part time. Click Here to learn more about our work study program. This Bilingual HND Program runs at our Douala Campus and online.

This specialty is designed to train specialists who can be immediately operational in the service responsible for legal affairs in companies, chambers of lawyers, legal consultants, public notary, process servers, experts in accountancy and taxation. The acquisition of knowledge of the fundamental concepts and their practical application constitutes the pedagogic objectives of the study.

Objectives of the Program

At the end of the program, the students must be able to:

  • Demonstrate aptitude for adapting easily to new situations and ensuring good organization;
  • Have a sense of initiative;
  • Be rigorous and have a spirit of synthesis and an analytical mind;
  • Be discreet, confidential, reserved and respect the ethics of the profession;
  • Be efficient in the transmission of information;
  • Have the necessary skills to facilitate contact with people /be receptive;
  • Have a mastery, both oral and written, of the use of the technical jargons of the profession;
  • Use, strictly within the professional context, the techniques of legal drafting;
  • Master the different types of legal acts;
  • Be efficient in the use of New Information and Communication Technology.

Learning Outcome

  • Ensure the follow-up of administrative procedures and prepare files;
  • Update the rules and regulations and ensure that they are respected;
  • Ensure the drafting of certain deeds;
  • Do documentary research;
  • Ensure the follow up and execution of administrative and legal formalities.


FUNHIC’s HND courses are taught by highly selected international university professors, trainers and business managers, drawn from a variety of operational and professional fields, from Logistics to digital marketing, from high-tech innovation to computer based accountancy.  The teaching approach is aimed at the acquisition of know-how, in order to transfer truly useful competencies for the personal and professional development of the students.

Career Services

With our help, you can create your career strategy through our work study program, exploration and result oriented learning. This program is designed to help you find positions in companies that match your ambitions and expectations. This is done by placing you in such positions to work for a duration of atleast 12 months, so as to acquire the Job fit needed to grow in the professional world. In particular, the HND in Banking and Finance is particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the following areas:

  • Could hold senior positions in companies, law firms and legal consultants;
  • Directors or managers of associations;
  • Administrators or managers of national and international nongovernmental organizations;
  • Management staff of international organizations;
  • Managers of insurance companies;
  • Work in the service responsible for legal affairs in companies;
  • Consultants in Finance and investments;
  • Public economic administration

Global Leadership Summit

Thanks to the international outlook of FUNHIC, students will have the opportunity to take part in leadership conferences out of the country. This will allow students to increase their knowledge of other cultures, compare work practices out of Cameroon and have a truly international perspective on the professional world.

Exchange and cultural visit

These visits take our students to local companies and cultural sites across the country. With over 185 different ethnic groups country wide, cultural visits teach lessons that classrooms can only fanthom. visits to palaces, historical sites and monuments countrywide help students develop a better appreciation of the cultural riches of Cameroon. Company visits on the other hand helps students understand the work and professional ethics of companies in Cameroon. During such company visits, students build valuable employment network and interact with professionals who can shape their career choices.

Admission process

FUNHIC maintains the highest standard of quality in the programs she offers. That’s why, in order to ensure the eligibility of the candidates, all applicants must undergo a selection process that helps to match their passion for the program selected and their personal and professional abilities. Students enroll by filling the Online Application Form and providing the needed information.