Patronize a campus Business


Patronize a campus Business

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FUNIC is a community university. Our vision is to see an African society where everyone irrespective of their economic standing has access to good education. With this mission in mind, we have designed two innovative schemes to help students who are under privileged;

  1. To acquire skills in the transformation of agricultural produce through our Agric Entrepreneurship Community Program (AGREC)
  2. To have small seed capital to start campus businesses and finance their studies, through our Founders Bank note challenge.

Over the years, our students have produced amazing innovative products such as tea from ginger and honey, Bio Tomatoes, Bio pepper oil and flower from potatoes amongst others. These products are part of campus businesses to assist in the financing of the education of students who can not afford the tuition we charge, So you can patronize a campus business by making a donation or directly sponsoring a project.

Contact the AGREC service of FUNIC through the following;

Tel/WhatsApp: +237 675 102 650

Email: [email protected]

FUNIC's Campus Businesses