School-to-Work(S2W) Program


School-to-Work(S2W) Program

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Our School-to-work (S2W) program is specially designed to prepare students and graduates for insertion into the job market by giving them the opportunity to work on paid or unpaid jobs while studying a program carefully designed to meet the needs of partner companies.

Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy(FELA) of FUNIC provides opportunities for on-campus employment to its students as one form of financial assistance to help them meet their educational expenses, and off-campus employment opportunities for her graduates and graduates from other higher institutes, through the School-to-Work (S2W) program. Ours is the only School-to-work program offered by a Vocational Training Institute in the Republic of Cameroon. S2W is unique in that it is taught through a special model we call the SEA model. SEA is Skills, Experience, Attitude.

The major objective of the S2W program is to ensure that students and graduates are equipped with the right SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, and ATTITUDES that will give them an edge in the job market.


At Fotabe University of Cameroon, there are two components of the S2W program: Graduate Work-Study (GWS) and Student Work-Study (SWS).

The Graduate Work-Study (GWS):

Graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer from hiring organizations. The primary purpose of the Graduate Work-Study (GWS) program is to prepare recent graduates for insertion into the job market. We do this by providing career coaching, mentorship, and work placement with our partner organizations. The GWS is taught through a one-month period though an intensive online plus boot camp program.

The S2W Employment Boot Camp is an intensive pre-employment course delivered over four weekends to prepare fresh graduates for the job market.

The objective is to put participants on the first steps towards a lasting career. The program consists of mock interviews, workshops, lectures, team building sessions, and coaching from recruiters of national and international companies.


To be eligible for the Graduate work-study, applicants must be holders of either a BTS or HND, or BSc, or BBA, or MSc or any other equivalent.


The GWS boot camp is held in Douala. Download brochure

The Student Work-Study (SWS)

The SWS is a campus employment program for students. In some cases, employment can be at off-campus non-profit organizations. The primary purpose of the Student Work-Study (SWS) program is to offer part-time employment opportunities for students with great financial need, to enable them pursue a course of study at Fotabe University of Cameroon. Through this program, students gain valuable work experience, important hard and soft skills, and are molded to develop the right mindset/attitude for career success.   

Every year, between 20 and 50 students work on and off campus in a variety of positions in more than 10 different on-campus businesses. Positions are generally skill-related and successful placements call for a “fit” between job requirements and student abilities. “Ability” may refer to specialized knowledge, assignment familiarity, effective communication, interpersonal skills, and/or willingness to comply with specific department or supervisory requirements. Student aide positions may be clerical, lab-related, technical, academic (tutoring), among others.


To be eligible for the Student Work-study, applicants must be holders of at least an Advanced Level Certificate and be registered students of FUNIC or any of her affiliated institutes or academies.


The SWS is held on all our campuses.

How to Apply for S2W:

  1. Click here to view the application form.
  2. Fill all required information and upload your Curriculum Vitae.