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Hire Our Students

Many agree that a skilled staff is a valuable asset to an employer. Yet many employers require staffs who are not only skilled and experience, but are clothed with the attitude needed to make them stand apart as professionals. Many employers have reportedly preferred employees with the right attitude over those having all required skills, but possessing attitude that can foster a chaotic working environment.

Attitude affects a persons disposition and the speed with which they learn and acquire new skills. Employees with the right attitude often learn even difficult skills faster and find it easier to integrate into the culture and work ethics of an organization. What makes FUNIC Cameroon students stand apart is the amazing attitudes they are trained to acquire. Some of these attitudes include: Honesty, Integrity, desire to grow, commitment, appreciation and Loyalty.

Our Students are taught by industry professionals to master and implement skills by means of our school to work programs. Many of our students have become amazing and exemplary employees in the most prestigious organizations across the country, some of which includes MTN Cameroon, Orange Cameroon, Nextel, Mitanyen Cooperative Credit Union, Real Photos and more. You too can hire our students and reap the benefits of working with committed, proactive and loyal employees who have learned to think independently and work to solve problems in an interconnected world.

How to Hire Our Students

  • Use the school-to-work platform of FUNIC Cameroon's Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy that permits your organization provide real world experience to our students for 12 months, and become part of a global network supporting career development for young professionals.
  • On-campus recruiting events: Meet one-on-one with students for full-time employment opportunities and select those who meet your employment criteria.
  • Employer information sessions: Come to the campus and present to students giving them insight into the creative opportunities with your company.
  • Post job openings: List your openings and view student/alumni portfolio samples and resumes on our online Student Resume Platform.
  • Sponsored Projects: Assign your companies projects to our students, and employ them after evaluating and rating their results.

Why You should Hire Our Students

  1. FUNIC Cameroon will position you as Sponsor on our website and all communication platforms.
  2. They convert ideas to reality: Grounded in putting theory into practice through the school-to-work program, bring a combination of innovation, collaboration and excellence to navigate change to your advantage.
  3. They are ready to take the lead: Encouraging new ways of thinking and doing business is a hallmark FUNIC Cameroon. FUNIC Cameroon trains entrepreneurs who are forward-thinking leaders, taught by renowned faculty and honed by real-world experience. Their mentality is one step ahead. Their sights are focused on wherever you want to grow to.
  4. They focus on collaboration and support: Our team-focused approach inside and outside the classroom provides practical and innovative solutions for daily workplace challenges. FUNIC Cameroon students and graduates belong to a dedicated and far-reaching student and alumni network. They know how to build and motivate teams within the organization and access the right resources when you need them.
  5. They pioneer excellence: FUNIC Cameroon students are high achievers who are motivated to contribute their best.