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Overview of E-Lab

FUNIC’s E-Lab is an innovation entrepreneurship training approach that immerses graduate students into the creation, structuring, and stabilization of startups while studying. The E-lab is a semi-autonomous organization that engages diverse participants—on a long-term basis—in open collaboration for the purpose of creating, elaborating, and prototyping radical solutions to everyday problems startups have to deal with

How the E-Lab method creates value

Indivudual students learn critical thinking and effective communication. They develop self-confidence from sharing their ideas with study group members. The goal of the E-Lab is to train students to acquire problem-solving abilities. Often, students walk into the E-Lab with ideas and leave with startups and important stratrgy experience.


Students are grouped in cohorts which serve as boards of the campus startups they are called upon to lead. As a team of professionals, students share ideas, craft strategies together, implement solutions, analyze progress and discuss problems-just like in a typical boardroom. 



Campus start-ups are usually created to solve problems in their communities. Communities thus benefit from seeing their most pressing problems analyzed by a group of passionate professionals, and innovative, cost-effective solutions proposed. 

E-Lab Approach

The E-Lab, which is spread over 3 quarters is operated through a three-step approach: Classroom-Field research-Coahing and mentorship.

In the classroom, students study core courses like Business Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Business Analytics, strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, Project Management and others. These courses are taugh through a combination of lectures and case study to gain a firm understanding of how key concepts play out in a real business setting.


Equipped with indepth knowledge in specific areas, students in their cohorts are pushed out of their comfort zones intocomuunities, company halls, and wherever they can find the right data for decision-making. This deep field research gives students first hand experience in what is going on outside the classroom, and sharpens their problem-solving abilities. The students then write and present detailed Individual Business Reports, which form the basis of their statup documentation.


The third step of the E-Lab learning approach is the heart of the E-Lam study model. Cohorts launch their business on te second month os their studies at FUNIC. At the end of the every quarter, cohorts present a Quarterly Business Report and receive coaching and mentorship from their lecturers.



Student Experience

Our E-Lab approach is unlike any other.
Raising professionals unlike any other.