FUNIC Cameroon Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology (FHIET)


FUNIC Cameroon Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology (FHIET)

FUNIC Cameroon's Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology-FHIET- is FUNIC Cameroon's academic unit specialized in training Entrepreneurs, employing Modern Technology. FHIET's campus is located in Douala, and is a center of creativity and innovation. Its innovative programs and world class faculty makes it the best place for every young man or woman who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur and make strides in Technology.



  • HND in Assistant Manager
  • HND in Project Management
  • HND in Human Resource Management
  • HND in Logistics and Transport Management
  • HND in Ports and Shipping Management

Business And Finance

  • HND in Accountancy
  • HND in Marketing-Trade-Sales
  • HND in Banking and Finance
  • HND in Insurance
  • HND in International Trade

Legal Careers

  • HND in Legal Assistant


  • HND in Corporate Communication

Computer Engineering

  • HND in Software Engineering


The tuition fees for an academic year is 350,000FCFA. This fee includes all books and study material.

Other fees include a registration fee of 5,000FCFA, and an official attire fee of 15,000FCFA.