Fashion Business Management


Fashion Business Management

Our Fashion & Arts Business Management program has been designed for people who have the passion for African arts in general. This is an 11-month intensive business management course anchored in the creative arts. Learners can specialize in any one of our diploma programs: Fashion Business Management or Arts Business Management.

At African Arts Academy, we believe that people have talents and creative skills which need to be honed to produce amazing results.

The African Arts Academy is a Social Enterprise created by Fotabe University to valorise and promote the African culture, especially the Cameroonian culture. It was set up to teach students the beauty of Cameroonian culture, and to stimulate them to develop the desire to sell Cameroonian and African arts worldwide.


AAA offers two specialized Diploma programs:

  1. Fashion Business Management Program: This is a specially designed Diploma program for people involved with or aspiring to enter the world of Fashion.
  2. Arts Business Management: This is a specially designed Diploma program for people involved with or aspiring to enter the of creative arts.

Teaching and Learning Methods:

AAA’s courses are taught via an e-learning, co-creation action learning methodology. This unique approach follows a 3-step process we call ECI:

  1. E-learning live training on courses such as: Social Entrepreneurship, Creativity and innovation, New product development, branding and positioning, E-commerce, Financial planning, developing a winning attitude, 100 hours of hands on.
  2. Co-creation action learning in the following specialties: perfumery and cosmetics, fashion design, skin and hair care, interior design, fashion design, clothing and textiles.
  3. Incubation

DIPLOMA in Fashion Business Management

If you love fashion and dream of running a fashion business, then a business management course grounded in fashion

could be what you are looking for. Our Diploma in Fashion Business Management (FBM) will equip you with the

necessary skills needed to develop and manage a successful fashion enterprise.Fashion business Management is a

challenging career which combines creativity, and analytical and design thinking skills. Studying this program will prepare

you for a successful and rewarding career.


11 months

Study Options:

This course is taught online and on-site.

Program Structure:

The program has 12 general courses and 4 specialized courses taught over an 6-month period. After this classroom learning experience, students undertake a 5-month hands-on as specialization in their program of interest.

General Courses:

•  Social Entrepreneurship

• Marketing and sales

•  Creativity and innovation

•  New product development

•  Branding and positioning

•  Leadership & Strategy

•  Design Thinking

•  IT & E-Commerce

•  Business Modelling

•  Accounting for Business

• Talent Management

• Customer service

Specialized Courses

•  Fashion merchandising

•  Fashion Studio Management

•  Logistics and procurement for Fashion

•  Fashion Events Management

Hands on

After completing course work, you will embark on an internship, either locally or abroad, to learn how to run a fashion business.

Final Project: Community Fashion Festival.

To culminate your program, you will get to organise a community Fashion event, so as to implement lessons learnt in marketing, business, and even talents management.


·      Registration:                                    24,900XAF

·      Books fee:                                       62,300XAF

·      Hands on placement (Cameroon): 125,000XAF

·      Hand on placement (Dubai):         1,501,000XAF

·      Hands on Placement (India):         1,113,000XAF          


To be eligible for this program,

·      Students must be able to read and write.

·      Have a passion for their chosen field of studies

·      Be ready to work independently

·      Be creative and innovative

·      Be ready to work in a co-creative space

·      Be willing to indulge in action learning

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