Social Entrepreneurship Program for People with Disabilities-S.E.N.D.A


Social Entrepreneurship Program for People with Disabilities-S.E.N.D.A

SENDA is a program specially designed to provide training on social entrepreneurship to people with disabilities, and facilitate access to seed capital. The focus of this program is to provide practical skills to make life easier for people with disabilities. People with disabilities also face stigmatization. Most people with disabilities don’t go to school because their parents think that it’s a bad investment and they will never be able to work. Parents think they can’t contribute to the society. Aside from the problems with education, people who have mobility disability have difficulties going to markets to do business due to bad streets. Even if taxis exist in the town, many chauffeurs will not give them a ride. As a result, they have to go to markets that are the closest to home and food are sometimes more expensive.

Learners selected into SENDA gain direct admission into FUNIC’s startup incubator.

The Program

The training program has been designed to meet the following objectives:

1. To improve daily living skills of people with disabilities

2. To impart technical capabilities and capacities to people with disabilities

3. To develop entrepreneurial skills in people with disabilities

4. To establish a network and strategic partnerships to facilitate the success of their projects.

The lessons:

  • Daily living skills and Personal hygiene
  • Attitude and mindset
  • Small home-based business management
  • Basic Literacy
  • Handicrafts
  • Transformation of Agricultural Produce.

Fees: The program is tuition-free.

Donations: We seek donations to provide seed capital to trainees of this program. To donate, please call us on +237 675102650