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Fotabe University is a world class professional higher institution of learning in Cameroon that trains professionals from all domains and works of life. Our curriculum has been adapted to meet the needs of every professional, helping them to transcend the boundaries of theoretical concepts and abstracts principles.


Our DBA, MBA, and Master’s degree programs are for individuals who wish to make impactful contributions in the private sector and in corporate organizations. These programs are not for people who wish to pursue public service and government careers. We therefore do not guarantee students acquisition of equivalence or other comparative documents from Cameroon’s ministry of Higher Education.


Our learning options are flexible, permitting students to avail and explore the benefits of technology. Our study options include Live online lectures, Distance learning, Directed learning (For students with hearing impairments) and On-campus studies. Students do not have to be physically present to be instructed. In addition some of our MBA programs have a duration of 12 months, permitting busy professionals to acquire return on investments in the shortest possible time.


The ground breaking transformation you seek to acquire from a professional institution that puts the world and its opportunities beneath your fit is acquired by filling the form on the link below to apply for a program of your choice.

Do not hesitate to write to the admissions office at or on whatsapp at +237675102650 if you need further assistance or clarifications.

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