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moToR Learning Model

The motor learning method is one of the key highlights of the FUNHIC experience at all levels. The motor learning method is an educational innovation that exposes learners to the business models of the Bamileke people of Cameroon and the Igbo people of Nigeria. We have taken the unique apprenticeship model and laid it out in an exciting three-phase study model for our undergraduate students. We call this model the WORKSPACE-CLASSROOM-WORKPLACE model.


In a workspace, our students observe for 14 days. They ask questions. They understand reasons why. They accept what is working. 


Back in the classroom, and together with their lecturers, students analyze their workspace experience. They share lessons learned. They internalize processes and values. Their lectueres draw from the workspace experience to teach. The goal is to drive home the benefits of the studied models.


After two or three years in the classroom, our students are ready to make valuable contributions in work places. They work hard and focus on being relevant to their employers and their colleagues. If they decide to become entrepreneurs, they do so with a strong mastery of not only their business sectors, but especially how to bring out the best in their employees. 


Our moToR learning model exposes students
to african business models that work!