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Our International Work-Study Masters' Programs

Our international work-study master's program gives students the opportunity to study for 9 months in Cameroon and work for 3 months abroad.

Project Management

This master's is designed to provide all the necessary knowledge and skills to become or grow as a successful Project Manager

Marketing and Communications

This Master is suitable for those intend to strengthen and update their skills in every sector of marketing and communication.

International Human Resource Management

This master's aims to train professionals so they are able to understand and deal with the complexity of people management in a global setting.

Accounting & Finance

The aim of this master's is to train professionals who can use big data, machine learning and fintech to manage finances, make forecasts and financial planning

Logistics & Supply Chain

The aim of this Master's is to equip professionals with the skill-set needed to use new technologies and trends to effectively manage logistics and supply chains

Why Choose Us

Build an international network

As a young professional, there is nothing better than having connections in your industry. If you hope to move abroad in the future, they become even more essential

Skill development

In addition to soft skills like communication, leadership, and organization, you’ll also be looking to sharpen your industry-specific skills through work placement and internships abroad.

Acquire work experience

In today’s competitive job market, you need to have experience in order to get experience. Through our work placement, you acquire rewarding experience.

Gain excellent references

When you begin searching for a full-time position, most employers will ask for references. They want to know that someone else vouches for your abilities and would recommend you.

Program Package

Master's degree

09 Months in Cameroon

International Internship

60-90 days abroad to India, Dubai, Turkey, Norway, Germany, or Switzerland

Global Business Exchange Program

03-05 days out of Cameroon


International Internship

The ideal way to start a global career


Master’s degree programs at FUNIC are certified by Rome Business School and is the ideal choice for the professional looking for a world-class degree programme, to start or consolidate a successful career in an international environment.

Our International Internship placement

 FUNIC in collaboration with Rome Business School, Good Ocean Maritime institute of Logistics and Tree of Life Services offers a 12 months international Masters’ program that gives students the opportunity to study for 9 months in Cameroon and work for 3 months abroad in one of the following countries: India, Dubai, Turkey, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland.

Aquire cross-cultural sensitivity

Acquire knowledge, awareness, and acceptance of other cultures and others’ cultural identities. Work comfortably anywhere in the world.