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Our Unique Learning Models


Students who come to FUNIC experience learning unlike anything farmiliar to them. Students meet face to face or virtually with faculty for lectures. But they also learn in study groups and cohorts. Out of the classroom, they learn in boardrooms, on the market, in their communities, and on-the-job.


The Models

Offering students a unique insight into tested business models and the workings of company boards of directors, FUNIC study models are an integral part of the learning experience.


To gain valuable understanding of why some business models work, the moTor learning model is employed as the first step of learning for undergraduate students.


To expose graduate students to the intricacies of setting up and running a business with a bird’s eye view, they are coached through the formation, structuring and growing of business through FUNIC’s E-Lab.


To give students the opportunity of learning outside of the classroom setting, Study tours and company/cultural visits are an integral part of some programs. 


Students who are looking at acquiring a global experience also have opportunities through our Global Business Exchange Programs and international internships. 


For students who cannot afford the tuition and other expenses, all hope of acquiring a good education is not lost. Through FUNIC’s School-to-work program run in collaboration with FELA, students can work and earn money while they study

Student Experience

Scholarships and bursaries