Fotabe University's Funding Nursery Program-FUNIC FUN


Fotabe University's Funding Nursery Program-FUNIC FUN

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FUNIC’s Funding Nursery Program FUN

FUNIC FUN is a training/accelerator program specifically designed for individuals, managers of charity organizations, fashion designers, small business owners who are looking at growing their small businesses without the funds necessary to pay for services.

Learn how to scale your small Business and achieve personal development through this compilation of short courses designed and taught by experts and entrepreneurs who have scaled startups and built successful businesses in Africa.

  • How can you scale your startup?
  • How can you develop your abilities to get you that job or start that business you’ve always dreamt of? 
  • How can you transform your charity organization into a sustainable social venture?
  • How can you transform your passion or idea into a successful business?
  • How can you monitor and evaluate your incubator or projects?
  • How can you create uncontested markets for your products and make competition irrelevant?
  • How can you brand your fashion business?
  • How can you structure your social enterprise?
  • How can you improve upon your corporate communication without paying millions to established firms?
  • How can you write proposals for funding?

FUNIC FUN is the answer.

Through our short online programs specifically designed for individuals, startup founders, managers of charity organizations, fashion designers, small business owners who do not have the time or finances to sit through a full classroom program, you can move yourself or your business or your idea to another level. These courses are taught in a simple and straightforward manner, making use of local examples. 

Key benefits:

  • You will be taught by experts who have experience in all the fields of focus.
  • You will be accompanied to create tools for your specific business to seize specific opportunities or solve specific problems.
  • Your teachers automatically become your mentors who accompany you or your startup through the growth stage.
  • You see how by the time you complete half of the short courses, your startup is being structured for success.
  • Specific courses are taught in very short courses of 60 minutes maximum.
  • You’re given templates to build solutions for your business and personal growth.
  • Join a network of people from across the continent with whom you can partner and network for success.

What you can study:

Program package (3 months):

  1. Marketing and Communication for Small Businesses
  2. Accounting and Finance for small Businesses
  3. Small Business Management
  4. Project Management
  5. Human Resource Management in a small business
  6. Office Management and Enterprise Resource Planning

Acceleration Program (9 months):

  • Linking of startups to investors.
  • Preparation of SMEs for business funding.
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Building of websites if necessary
  • Legalization of activities if necessary.


Applicants must:

  1. Be a startup/SME founder doing business in Africa
  2. Be ready to recruit 2 staff who will also join the program.
  3. Have business already operational

Educational Requirements:

The startup founder and all team members are required to have at least a first School Leaving Certificate or equivalent.


Registration: 70,000XAF