Sep 2020

6th Edition of FELA's Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum

Every year, FELA brings together high school students from all the Regions of Cameroon for a three-day Entrepreneurial Leadership forum.

Event Speakers


The biggest problem Cameroon, like many other countries in the African continent is battling with is youth Unemployment. Among many reasons for this problem is: a mismatch between youth education and the skills required by the job market. This is due especially by lack of proper pre-university orientation/preparation. FELA is at the forefront of providing concrete solutions to these problems through FELA's Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum.

FELA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum is an annual 3-day free event which brings together 100 active high school student leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the national territory. Participants are trained on various subjects and encouraged to become intrapreneurs and ethical entrepreneurial leaders in the African continent.

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Jan 2020

2nd Edition of FUNHIC's Agric Entrepreneurship Community Program

The second Edition of FUNHIC's Agric Entrepreneurship Community Program will take place on from the 25th to the 26th of January 2020

Event Speakers

Mr. Roland Fomundam
CEO of GreenHouse Ventures


Mme Fotabe Elmine
Founder/President of Fotabe University


Mr. Takor Ronald
Dean, Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon

Lack of innovative Agriculture has had well predicted consequences for health, education, wealth and ability of Cameroonians to engage in the wider society.

The combination of Agriculture, Business innovation, technological innovation and entrepreneurship can form a virtuous cycle for creating and generating wealth in Cameroon as well as reduce hunger, ensure food security, increase employment and ensure overall economic growth.

The Agric Entrepreneurship Community Program is a nest for the creation of young Agric Entrepreneurs who can stand apart and use the resources at their disposal to take advantage of the enormous opportunities before them.

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Oct 2019

FUNIC Agric Entrepreneurship Community Program

Fotabe University’s Agric Entrepreneurship Community Program is a great opportunity for Cameroonians who aspire to become Entrepreneurs by adding value to agricultural produce.

Event Speakers

Participants will be trained by industry experts: 1. Roland Fomundam( Modern Techniques in Agriculture) 2. Edia Etakah ( Transforming Agricultural produce). 3. Fotabe Elmine( Creating and Sustaining a good brand). 4. Takor Ronald ( Sales techniques). 5. Mbofung Javans( Using technology in Agriculture). 20 participants will be awarded a full scholarship to study the HND program, which will provide not only the Entrepreneurial Knowledge needed to scale their ventures, but also certification from Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education. Fotabe University will provide accommodation assistance to participants selected for the HND program. The opportunity is a unique one. Grab it! Apply before the 8th of October 2019. It’s FREE!