Fotabe University's MBA and Master's programs are certified by Europe's best Business Schools. They have been specially designed for professionals considering growth in a global environment. All our MBA and Master's Degree programs offer you a Short-term investment and life-long return, on your schedule. Compared to a traditional two-year programme, our 12 month and 18 month MBA and Master's Degree programs provide a faster return on investment. It can be started anytime, either on campus or online (or both), offering the unique opportunity of fitting today’s professionals’ need for freedom and flexibility.

The program is structured to enable you to continue to work full-time and study for your MBA part-time, connecting what you learn to current global and relevant organizational issues. This is ideal if you are unable to take significant time out of work to study and want greater flexibility over how, when and where you achieve your MBA qualification.

Our MBA and Master's programs are certified by Europe's best Business Schools.

Our 12-month programs are certified by Rome Business School and taught by both Italian and Cameroonian faculty. You can study for your program completely online or via a blend of online and on-campus.

Rome Business School's Certificates are ISO certified and teaching is focused the transfer of skills and competencies for a global career. To learn more about the Rome Business School, click here:

Rome Business School's MBA Specializations for Fotabe University's students:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Project Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain

Our 12 and 18-month MBA and Executive MBA programs are taught and certified by EMAS Business School in Russia. The program is entirely taught by Russian faculty and can be started anytime. You will study either completely online or via blended learning (online + On-campus in Russia). Studying an EMAS MBA at Fotabe University means that you'll earn a globally respected qualification from one of the world's best Business Schools, reputed for expertise in Strategic Management. To learn more about EMAS Business School, click here:

EMAS Business School's MBA and Executive MBA specializations for Fotabe University's students:

  • Global Executive MBA: Strategic Management
  • Executive MBA: Business in the Digital Era
  • Executive MBA: Startup Management
  •  Executive MBA: Marketing and Sales Management
  • Executive MBA: Financial Management
  • Executive MBA: Healthcare Management
  • MBA: Business in the Digital Era
  • MBA: Startup Management
  • MBA: General Management
  • MBA: Marketing and Sales
  • MBA: Finance·        


Registration fees:50,000XAF

Foundation fees:400,000XAF

Tuition fees: 800,000XAF

Other fees:100.000XAF

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