4th Graduation Ceremony of the Fotabe University of Cameroon (FUNIC)

Dec 8, 2021

4th Graduation Ceremony of the Fotabe University of Cameroon (FUNIC)

Takor Ronald |
On the 4th of December 2021, FUNIC celebrated her forth graduation ceremony. FUNIC’s Board of Trustees, together with administrative staff, lecturers, business partners, strategic and academic partners, including important top managerial and leadership profiles as well as exceptional guests, were present to congratulate our outstanding professionals and entrepreneurial leaders who schooled at FUNIC from 2019 to 2020.

The first speech at the very glamorous ceremony was a welcome address from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, who doubles as the Executive Vice President (E.V.P) of the University. The welcome address was dedicated to the talent, innovation, and creativity demonstrated by the graduands. It pointed to the increasingly brilliant future full of new opportunities for the graduands and reminded them that rather than being a time to slow down, this was the start of a new journey for them.

Another key speech was delivered by the former world President of JCI (Junior Chamber International) coach Roland Kwemain, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees of FUNIC. Roland Kwemain encouraged young talents to listen to their inner voice, stick to their goals and be highly ambitious. In line with this he shared 15 Ps that will lead the graduands to a successful socio-political life. These 15 Ps included Parents, Professionalism, Punctuality, Passion, Planning, Persuasion, Productivity, Permission, Progress, Patriotism, Positive mindset, Personal branding, Promotion, Prayer and Pleasure. This advice was timely, one that the graduands wont forget in a hurry.

The much anticipated address by the founder and Dean of Rome Business School, Dr. Antonio Ragusa reminded the graduands that the training course completed by the students is a high level managerial training course. And in line with Rome Business School’s motor, they were now “Better Managers for a Better World”. Dr. Ragusa pulled the plug on his session by letting the graduands know that the only limitations they will experience in their professional lives are the ones they themselves will set.

Then came the last lecture! This is a graduation tradition unique to the Fotabe University of Cameroon. The last lecture selects the most relevant question from a series of questions posed by the graduating students during their time at FUNIC. The question selected this year was: « Besides the five intelligences we learned from our respective programs, what other intelligence do we need to master to succeed?” the students asked with wacky expectations. In an unexpected twist of event, rather than being lectured on a sixth intelligence to leave the program with, the Founder and Board Chair of FUNIC Dr. Footage Elmine, who developed the answer, asserted that the graudands did not need to learn of any new intelligence. With wide eager eyes, they were stunned to rather be told that they had all the intelligences they needed. The Board Chair, with a firm voice, then proceeded to insist that what is more important is how we use the intelligence we’ve already acquired and how we let our intelligence transform our mindset. Using colloquial language best understood by the graduands to whom the presentation was dedicated, Dr. Fotabe Elmine pointed out that the problems in Cameroon originated from people adopting the wrong mindset. To solve these problems, the graduands were called upon to change the mindsets of Cameroonians one at a time beginning with their own mindset. A task requiring the graduates to become self smart. The lessons were driven right to and through the hearts of the graduates leaving them clapping in amazement.

Presentation of certificates and price awards is a killer moment for the graduating students. Walking on stage to collect certificates indicates that a graduand has learned to look at challenges from different perspectives, combining cultures, ideas, skills, and knowledge from all over the world with an active learning educational experience capable of disrupting the Job market. During this section the hall was filled with shouts, applauds and cry of joy from friends, guest, family and wellwishers.

This exciting moment led to the Valedictorian address. The student selected for this discuss was Ozioma Joshua Ozokwere, the General Manager of Ozone International in Cameroon. He used his personal journey to help his mates realize that the cornerstone for success is determination. He then travelled back in time with the audience to a time when he could not afford to fulfill his dreams because his parents were poor. He stopped schooling after primary school and switched to business. As a result of his determination, the business flourished and he decided to get back enroute to his childhood dream of being a Doctor. This touching experience left the audience dumbfounded, causing the spirit of determination to course through the students as they rushed to the stage for the tossing of the cap.

Innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, young people, old people, middle aged people, talent, diversity, inclusion, ethics and sustainability, all summed up in the 2021

graduation of the Fotabe University of Cameroon. FUNIC is pleased to see “Entrepreneurial Leaders for Africa’s Future” getting ready to face the challenges of the modern African Economy, driven by passion and resilience, and acting in harmony with various African realities, to solve current African problems and to create a better future for Africans.

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