Student Services

FUNIC Cameroon's alumni are distinguished men and women who are creating great impact across every industry in the country. At FUNIC Cameroon, we are aware that it takes several years to become an Entrepreneurial leader, and we continuously engage with and support our students in their transition to industry professionals and entrepreneurs, as they start careers, launch ventures, and pursue their goals beyond the walls of FUNIC Cameroon. FUNIC Cameroon provides alumni with life-long access to powerful networks, support and opportunities that will accelerate their impact and entrepreneurial leadership journeys.

FUNIC Cameroon realizes that graduates are still learners in the professional and entrepreneurship world, and hence requires continuous support to succeed and stand apart from their peers. Hence our special alumni service is designed to provide further professional preparation to help them cope with the dynamics of the employment market.


From career and internship opportunities, career coaching to conferences and professional development opportunities around the globe, FUNIC Cameroon provides alumni with life-long access to powerful opportunities that accelerate their impact and leadership journeys. The Business Leadership Center of FUNIC Cameroon is a unique platform available to students and graduates, connecting them to career and internship opportunities across Africa. FUNIC Cameroon has a dedicated team of corporate trainers based in Douala which works with graduates on a one-on-one basis to place them in meaningful career and internship opportunities which are well-aligned with interests and career objectives. FUNIC Cameroon has a network of over 200 partner organizations since its inception, and has placed hundreds of students in Companies in Cameroon.

The incubator at FUNIC was set up for speeding up the growth and success of startups created by our students and alumni.The incubator provides registered members with links to potential funding sources. We provide access to services such as accountants, investors and lawyers, not to mention invaluable coaching and networking connections through the staff and other entrepreneurs at the incubator. Most importantly, the Incubator provides office space with Free internet services for all members.

After students have graduated, FUNIC Cameroon continues to actively connect its graduates to global networks like the Impact Talks, FELA's Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum, the Agric Entrepreneurship Community Program (AGREC) and more to share their ideas for Africa’s transformation and foster connections that will enable them to translate vision to action.


Besides the annual FUNIC Alumni convention, alumni participate in a range of networking events, allowing them to connect with each other, build their professional networks and foster connections that could propel their initiatives to new heights.