Fotabe University is proud to have men and women with strong national and international experience as faculty.

Fotabe University's learning models are multifaceted, requiring our faculty to have strong academic prowess, industry expertise, and entrepreneurial experience. It is for this reason that Fotabe University employs university lecturers, corporate trainers, business consultants, and entrepreneurs chosen because of their proven track record of experience and skills.

Being an international University, our faculty has been drawn from a multicultural environment, from Universities and Business Schools from around the world, and being from diverse nationalities.

To ensure that we maintain the quality of our progress, our selected and highly competent faculty are always evaluated by students.


Our Faculty

Njong Mom Aloysius (PhD)

Professor Njong Aloysius is a Fulbright scholar, an exceptional professor, with several public addresses made to students at Bluefield State College, Concord University, and National College. Njong has been a lecturer in several Universities in Cameroon. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Dschang. In 2015, he was appointed DEAN of the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences at the University of Bamenda by Presidential Decree. He has supervised more than 50 MSc/MBA theses and more than 7 PhD thesis in several universities in Cameroon. Professor Njong has more than 40 publications to his credit. His efforts have made tremendous contributions to professional Higher education in Cameroon.

 Akanazu Humphrey Okechukwu (PhD)

Akanazu Humphrey Okechukwu has a PhD Educational Psychology from the Universidad de Vallodolid in Spain and a Master of Science degree in Education and Social Services from the Roma Tre University in Italy He also holds a Master's Degree in Marketing and Communications from the Rome Business School in Italy.. Dr. Akanazu who has taught in Business Schools in Europe and Africa is a Management and Research consultant with Leading Edge consultancy in Nigeria and is currently the Country representative of Rome Business School in Nigeria.  Dr. Akanazu is well experienced in entrepreneurship development, which he also practices through his numerous business partnerships with some reputable companies and institutions, both local and foreign. He organized the First Annual Forum on Family-Owned Business in Nigeria in 2016, where he introduced a Family Business Education model for Nigerian owned businesses. 

Ntongwe Enongene (MBA)

Ntongwe Enongene is a Chartered Marketer and currently the Marketing and Sales Operations (MSOR) at Caterpillar Inc.Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Mr. Enongene holds an MBA in strategic Marketing from the University of Gloucestershire in UK, an MBA in International Business from Rome Business School in Italy, is a Cornell University Alumnus, with over 10 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the FMCG, Telecom, Education, Publishing and Engineering industries.Having lived lived and worked in the UK, Germany, Hungary, Singapore, Cameroon, Senegal and now Cote Ivoire and traveled to over 15 countries in Europe, 3 in Asia, 1 in the middle east and 20 in Africa on business assignments, Enongene is equipped with strong international exposure and cross-cultural awareness . Mr. Ntongwe was formerly Regional Representative (Marketing and Sales) Francophone Africa, at Cambridge University Press. Mr. Enongene is also Vice President Global Alliances for Africa at IIMP at International Institute of Marketing Professionals.


Dr. Ivo Ngome Mesumbe is the HR Generalist at Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC. Ivo N. Mesumbe holds a PhD in Diplomacy and Personnel Management from the University of Cambridge, UK. He has over 10 years' experience working with the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP-world Conservation Monitoring Centre, SPIE CAPAG and others. Ivo has taught in classrooms and lecture halls in Europe, Africa, and the United States.

Fotabe Elmine E.(MBA, MARCOM, MHRM)

Fotabe Elmine E. has a Masters’ Degree in Human Resource Management from the Midiforme Business School in Rome, Italy. She also has a certificate in Psychology and Mental Health from the University of Liverpool in Uk. She is a corporate trainer and has trained middle managers from Organizations across the country. She is former Assistant dean of the school of business of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, former Rector of JSF Polytechnic. She is a Social Entrepreneur with six companies created in over twelve years. She is currently the Founder and President of Fotabe University and the Cameroon Country Representative of Rome Business School.


Asobo Napoleone Teneng (PhD)

Dr. Asobo is a senior management consultant with the Government of Cameroon. He is the Assistant Director of the Local Government Training Centre (CEFAM). Dr. Asobo coordinates training and personal development of civil servants in Cameroon and has decades of experience. Asobo holds a PhD in Public Administration from Nigeria and is the author of the most widely used manual for Operations managements in universities and professional institutions in Cameroon. His publications have shaped the major contents and writings for professional education in Cameroon. He has served as former rector and senior lecturer for many professional institutions in Cameroon. 


 Yonn Lissom Patricia (MBA)

Yonn Lissom Patricia studied at AIU London where she obtained an MBA in Strategic Management and she was an exchange student to Harvard University. She served as Deputy Manager of Marketing and communication at Source du pays S.A. She was senior Advertising Manager at McCann-Erickson for 14 African countries she has been the Deputy General Manager of Saturn Petroleum Company and is currently the Director of Marketing at SOFAVINC.

Mbinkar Fomunyui (MBA)

Mbinkar Fomunyui, has a Masters’ in Business Administration and Management from University of Yaounde' ll. He also holds an MBA in Finance from the Rome Business School. He is the founder of Customer Service Institute of Cameroon and the country representative of American Certification Institute. He is a seasoned Lecturer in Finance and marketing management. He has been the Client Engagement Representative at Ecobank Cameroon.

Fabian Sundjo (PhD)

Dr. Fabien SUNDJO is a Research Fellow in Economic Affairs at the Nkafu Policy Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in Health and Development economics, obtained under the auspices of the African Economic Research Consortium Nairobi (AERC) collaborative PhD Program, a highly selective scholarship program for Best student from African Universities, sponsored by both The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The World Bank. He is multidisciplinary, as he holds a double B.Sc. and a double M.Sc. in Economics and in Political sciences. Dr. Sundjo, was recently the Chair and Dean of studies at the School of Business and Public policy of the St. Monica University.

Dr. Lonla Eric (PhD)

Dr Lonla Eric, has a PhD in Tropical Medicine at University of Milan, Italy, a Master’s Degree in Public health and Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in tropical medicine, health systems strengthening and health project management. Skilled in Research, Epidemiology, Capacity Building, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). He works under a Residency Program from Università degli Studi di Milano.


 Mitjake Simon (MBA)

Mr. Mitjake Simon holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from Rome Business School in Italy. Mitjake is the CEO of make-it.co, an online examination and personal Development platform. He has 3 years’ experience as Human Resource Officer in the food and beverage industry, as well as sales experience in Telecommunications. He currently serves as Business Development consultant for Fotabe University.

Takor Ronald Takor (MBA)

Takor Ronald is an experienced Academic with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Distribution Logistics, Dynamic Trainer, Statistical Data Analysis, Executive Coaching, and Statutory Accounting. Strong professional with a Master of Business Administration - MBA focused in Finance from Rome Business School.

Roland Fomundam (MSc)

Fomundam holds a Master of Science degree in Technological Entrepreneurship from the Northeastern University in the United States of America. Fomundam has worked as Project consultant for Northeastern University. He has worked as the Managing Director for the African Center for Renewable Energies and Sustainable Technologies. He is the African Regional Partner for Faster Capital and the Founder and CEO of GreenHouse ventures.

Achancho Elizabeth Abia (LLD)

Achancho holds a Doctor of Laws Degree from the University of South Africa. Achancho Elizabeth has close to 10 years’ experience as Dean of Business Schools across the country. She is currently the contry representative of VIVES University of applied Sciences in Belgium, where she is a visiting lecturer.