We combine Vocational training, Academics, and practice !


We combine Vocational training, Academics, and practice !


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Many researchers in the field have said people usually learn through play, experience, and various forms of social interactions. Extensive research has led to the description of several learning styles. 

Many pundits on the subject have advised that learners who identify their preferred learning style are more successful. At FUNIC Cameroon, we are convinced that combining multiple learning styles is absolutely what learners need to be successful in the ever more competitive 21st century business environment.

We have designed two unique models to ensure that our graduates have the skills, values, experience, and attitudes needed to make them catalysts of change in their communities. We provide a holistic training to prepare our graduates to become whatever they dreamt of- seasoned academics, entrepreneurs, company executives, or sociaal entrepreneurs. 

We combine Vocational training, Academics, and practice in our two models-S2W and moTor!

Our School-to-work (s2w) model:

This is our specially designed model for students studying at the vocational training level. Through this model, our students are able to acquire working experience while they study. The pillars of the s2w center around what we call the SEA:



A= Attitude

Our moTor Learning model

The motor learning method is one of the key highlights of the FUNHIC experience at all levels. The motor learning method is an educational innovation that exposes learners to the business models and challenges of successful companies, governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises in their environment. It combines the seven learning styles and is comprised of the intricacies of Business cases, the originality of local business models, and the challenge of strategy reinvention. This model was especially designed for students of the Higher Institute.