Business Mathematics


Business Mathematics


Duration: 8 hours (2 hours per module) * Start Dates: Start anytime * Study Mode Online/On-Campus * Fee: Online: 11,500XAF * On-campus: 12,900XAF

This course has specially been designed for students at all levels, and startup entrepreneurs. In the business world, everyone—employees and managers alike—needs knowledge of and skill in business mathematics in order to have a clear picture of their business performance. While computers and calculators are used for many calculations, it is important to understand the concepts behind mechanical computations. The purpose of this business mathematics course is to increase your knowledge and skills in math as it applies to many aspects of business and to help make you a more valuable player in the business arena.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide college students with reinforcement of mathematical computations.
  • Challenge the student to understand how to process and interpret information to arrive at logical conclusions to common business math applications.
  • Develop proficiency in the application to solve business math problems.
  • Understand the important role math plays in all facets of the business world.

The course is a collaborative learning experience, which can be studied online or on-campus. The program spread over 12 hours of study time:

Other course activities:

  • Company visits
  • Daily learning logs with weekly project plans and execution
  • Project-based Assignments

Key benefits of taking this course:

  • Gain automatic membership into The Incubator at FUNIC. To learn about how the incubator will benefit you, click here
  • Receive a shelf in FUNIC's CamairStore where you can sell your products or services to a global market without investing in a personal store. Click here to see what the store looks like.
  • Become a certified Business math expert (Certificates issued by Cameroon's Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training).
  • Receive Free learning resources.

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