FUNIC's International Work-Study Master's Program


FUNIC's International Work-Study Master's Program

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The objective of the International Work-Study master's program is to put graduates in a new environment that will help them acquire experiences that will promote independence, adaptability and open-mindedness.

How we do it

We do this by providing career coaching, mentorship, and work placement with our partner organizations abroad. The international work-study masters program has a duration of 12 months. Students begin with a one-month intensive bootcamp program. The bootcamp is an intensive pre-employment course delivered over four weekends to prepare fresh graduates for the job market. After the bootcamp, participants are placed to work abroad on a 60 to 90 days internship while they study for a Master's degree.

International work placement is an excellent way to kick start a global career. You’ll have the opportunity to boost your CV and build up a network, all while experiencing a new city. Here are the top benefits of internships abroad.

1. Build an international network

As a young professional, there is nothing better than having connections in your industry. If you hope to move abroad in the future, they become even more essential.

2. Skill development

In addition to soft skills like communication, leadership, and organization, you’ll also be looking to sharpen your industry-specific skills. After completing an internship abroad, you’ll be able to show future employers that you not only understand theory, but that you have the technical skills to back it up.

3. Acquire work experience

In today’s competitive job market, many young professionals face a tough paradox. You need to have experience in order to get experience. An internship allows you to avoid this dilemma and make the job search much easier and more rewarding.

4. Gain excellent references

When you begin searching for a full-time position, most employers will ask for references. They want to know that someone else vouches for your abilities and would recommend you

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