Today’s CV writing Tip


Today’s CV writing Tip


Today’s CV writing Tip:


Your personal statement:

This section of your CV is important. It is the snapshot of who you are.

Many have advised that this section should be carefully written, highlighting the following:

1. Your key competences

2. Key skills you have

3. Your personality

4. Your experience

5. Your education

For example: *FUNIC is a seasoned Human Resource Management professional with 10years + experience in the education sector. FUNIC holds a DBA in Strategic Management from EMAS Business School in Russia and has been actively involved in leading the crafting of strategies for institutions in the Oil and Gas, Banking, and Hospitality sectors.

FUNIC is highly results oriented, passionate about growth, meticulous, fascinated by pressure, and pays attention to detail.*

As you can see, this is not a copy-and-paste exercise. You have to write about YOU!

You must ensure that the other sections of your CV support your personal statement. Use correct English and do not LIE!

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