Coding for Keens


Coding for Keens


The Coding for Keens initiative at Fotabe University of Cameroon (FUNIC) represents a groundbreaking educational endeavor, meticulously crafted to usher the next generation into the transformative realm of coding and computer programming. “Keens,” a term that encapsulates both kids and teens, symbolizes the program’s inclusive spirit, embracing young minds with a thirst for innovation.

This pioneering program is not merely an introduction to programming languages; it is a comprehensive journey that instills critical coding competencies in our youth. By engaging in this program, participants will cultivate a robust foundation in digital fluency, unlocking their innate potential for creativity and complex problem-solving. They will learn to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, constructing applications that address and offer solutions to pressing societal challenges.

Coding for Keens is more than an educational course—it is a beacon of opportunity that lights the path for aspiring young developers to become the architects of tomorrow’s technological frontiers. It is an invitation to embark on a life-changing adventure, one that promises to shape not only their future but the future of our world.

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of technology with FUNIC’s Coding for Keens program—a beacon of innovation and education for the young minds of today. This meticulously crafted curriculum is not just a series of lessons; it’s a gateway to the future, unlocking the boundless potential within each child and teenager through the art of coding.

Program Overview

At the heart of FUNIC’s mission lies the Coding for Keens program, a comprehensive educational experience that delves deep into the essential elements of coding, programming languages, and computational thinking. Tailored to resonate with the innate curiosity of children and teenagers, this program offers a plethora of hands-on coding activities, projects, and challenges, meticulously designed to align with their developmental stage and burgeoning skill set.

Curriculum and Learning Approach

Imagine a learning environment where coding is synonymous with play—where interactive lessons, games, and projects become the playground for discovery. FUNIC’s curriculum is a tapestry woven with the threads of key coding principles such as algorithms, loops, variables, and conditional statements. It’s here that creativity flourishes and critical thinking is honed, guided by the wisdom of seasoned software engineers and coders, including the esteemed Mambe Churchill Nanje, who impart their knowledge in regular, inspiring sessions.

Benefits of Coding for Keens

The Coding for Keens' program is a crucible where the raw talents of children and teenagers are refined into a repertoire of skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Participants will:

  • Forge robust problem-solving skills
  • Sharpen logical thinking and analytical prowess
  • Cultivate a garden of creativity and innovation
  • Lay a solid foundation for a future rich in STEM opportunities
  • Embrace collaboration and teamwork in coding endeavors
  • Design applications that address real-world business and societal challenges

Admission Requirements

Enrollment in this prestigious program is a seamless process. Parents are invited to visit the FUNIC admissions office at Fin Goudron Bangue Kotto in Douala, where dreams begin to take shape. The program opens its doors to children aged 9-12 and teenagers from 13 to 19 years old, with parental consent and requisite documentation.

Eligibility for Enrollment

The Coding for Keens' program seeks young enthusiasts with a spark for technology, computers, and problem-solving—those who stand ready to dive into the coding universe within a nurturing and stimulating educational haven.


FUNIC is committed to making this transformative experience accessible. The tuition fees, program duration, class schedules, and additional resources are thoughtfully arranged to ensure affordability for every family without compromising the quality of the training.

Hands-On Learning and Future Opportunities

Participation in the Coding for Keens program is a stepping stone to a world brimming with possibilities. It’s an immersive odyssey in coding and programming, app development, and deployment. This early immersion in technology is not just about learning; it’s about preparing to lead—to be the digital creators and innovators who will ignite and drive change across nations and throughout the African continent.

Join us at FUNIC, where we don’t just teach coding—we inspire a generation of changemakers ready to conquer the digital frontier.